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La Grange Texas is located about halfway between Houston and Austin on Highway 71 It is a city in Fayette County, Texas, near the Colorado River. La Grange has an interesting little History. It was known for an illegal but tolerated brothel called The Chicken Ranch that operated from 1905 until 1973. Did you know? The Chicken Ranch business was established by Miss Jessie Williams. Here are a few familiar names associated with The Chicken Ranch: Movie Stars Dolly Parton who played Miss Mona and Burt Reynolds who played the sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd La Grange was a song by the famed ZZ Top. Oh and who could forget Houston television reporter Marvin Zindler who began an investigation of the Chicken Ranch which led to it being, shut down. This Gallery is dedicated to La Grange Texas With Love & Chicken Ranch History Barbara Tristan All Rights Reserved

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